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Gehi Legal Services PC, a law firm, is pleased to introduce Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services. Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services is brought to you by immigration attorneys with years of experience appearing with clients from different nationalities before the Immigration Services of the United States (USCIS).

Our goal is to help you navigate the citizenship process from start to finish. We offer a comprehensive program which includes a review of your application by experienced immigration lawyers, study materials and practice tests to prepare for your naturalization exam, and Citizenship Lawyer representation during your interview if you choose the platinum plan. We also provide videos that walk through the entire citizenship process, educating you about citizenship requirements, filing the form, the fingerprinting process, disability exceptions, the citizenship test, interview preparation, etc.

How you can get started

This program begins by quickly checking your eligibility. If you are eligible, sign up for one of our three plans as a next step and begin filling out your citizenship application. One of our experienced attorneys will review your application and you can practice for your test in the meantime with our flashcards, games, extraordinary videos in different languages, mobile app and multiple choice quizzes. Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services is great for a wide range of individuals, including professionals who are short on time or someone who has struggled to pass their exam in the past. It's perfect for a person who speaks English as a second language or a senior citizen in need of a little extra help. If you have any concerns at all about passing the exam, Citizenship SelfieSM immigration services is for you. Sign up today with one of three plans that fits your budget!

We wish you the very best in your journey towards taking your first step in becoming a U.S. citizen!

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(excluding immigration filing fee)

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