How to Track Your U.S. Citizenship Application [form N-400] Status

How to Track Your US Citizenship Status

After completing the U.S. Citizenship application, there is a period of waiting until you get confirmation. However, during this period, every applicant can check the status of their application.

The application status can be tracked in the following ways:

  • How to check your U.S. Citizenship status online?

After applying for citizenship, there will be a waiting period. The waiting period can vary from weeks to months depending on your location in the U.S. because the processing time ranges from location to location. During this period, you can check your application status online. You can check via the USCIS CASE STATUS ONLINE TRACKER or MY USCIS.


  1. Find the 13 digit receipt number which is there on your form.
  3. Enter your 13 digit receipt number.
  4. Click on “check status.” 


  1. If you had applied online, you would have created an account on the MY USCIS portal to complete your application.
  2. If the application is made through the mail, you can visit MY USCIS to create your account.
  3. After creating your account, log in to MY USCIS and choose your citizenship application.
  4. Now you will be able to see all the updated information regarding your citizenship status and the estimated time for the application process to be completed.
  5. You can also use MY USCIS for updating your address and other personal data.
  • How to check your U.S. Citizenship status by mail?

The U.S. government mails all the required notifications to your recent/updated mailing address provided in your N-400 form or my USCIS account. You can update your mailing address anytime using the MY USCIS portal. However, make sure that you provide the correct mailing address and keep a close watch on your mailbox.

  • How to check U.S. Citizenship application status by phone?

Checking application status through the phone is a tedious process because the lines will always be too busy. This is why the USCIS recommends online tools for checking your application status. However, in case of urgency, your request is sent to an immigration services officer. The following information is mandatory in case you decide to give them a call:

  1. Your USCIS receipt number
  2. Your Alien Number

Alien Number: Alien numbers are identification numbers given to non-citizens by the U.S. government. Every immigrant gets a unique number that cannot be changed or altered under any circumstances, or in short, it is for life.

        3. Name and Birthdate

  • Checking U.S. Citizenship application status in person

USCIS schedules appointments for only those people whose issues cannot be resolved either through phone or mail. For example, in case of any emergencies like expiry of a lawful period, Immigration status proof for work, etc.

If you have any additional information regarding this, don’t hesitate to contact our associates at Citizenship Selfie. Together we can get answers to all your queries about U.S. Citizenship.


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